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Kerala Style Beef Fry

If and when I make beef, this is the ONLY recipe I follow.  This recipe is my mothers and like every other recipe of hers, it’s foolproof. And every time, I serve it to someone, they invariably end up asking … Continue reading

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Palak Gosht – Aromatic Lamb curry with Spinach

This post has been lying in my drafts since months…yep, since September!! The main reason was because the pics were taken in a hurry and in artificial light… it didn’t turn out even half as what I expected. The husband had already … Continue reading

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Pigs in a Blanket a.k.a.Sausage puffs

Pigs in a blanket has now becomes a general term for sausage wrapped in just about anything – puff pastry, bacon, pancakes, cabbage….. In UK – when you ask for Pigs in a blanket, you will get Chipolata wrapped in bacon. These are … Continue reading

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Creamy Dory in Butter and Lemon sauce with boiled Potatoes and Asparagus!

Couple of days back I was at the fish market to buy our weekly supply of fish.  While looking around to see what to buy, I saw many people buying the Creamy Dory fish fillet. As for me, I had never … Continue reading

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Kuttanadan Chicken Roast

Loads of water, greenery, and really picturesque is the best I can say about Kuttanad…a region in the Alleppey district of Kerala. Kuttanad is the rice bowl of Kerala, and is resplendent in green paddy fields, coconut groves and water fowl. My … Continue reading

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Chicken Biriyani

Biriyani is considered by some to be a really difficult dish to make, while others think it’s really easy to prepare, perfect for a lazy Sunday afternoon. I personally feel though the process is kind of lengthy, it’s still pretty simple and … Continue reading

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Prawns Roast

We all love seafood and especially prawns is a hands down winner in it! When we were kids, me and my brothers used to count as to how many each one would take, just to make sure none got more! … Continue reading

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