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Kerala Style Beef Fry

If and when I make beef, this is the ONLY recipe I follow.  This recipe is my mothers and like every other recipe of hers, it’s foolproof. And every time, I serve it to someone, they invariably end up asking … Continue reading

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Black-Eyed Beans Curry

The benefits of Black-Eyed Beans (Lobia) are so numerous that we can’t say enough in praise of it.  They are loaded with nutrition and taste and plus it’s not at all expensive. It’s rich in proteins, fibres, anti-oxidants, potassium, and a whole lot of other … Continue reading

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Palak Paneer Matar Masala

Just realized I’ve got way too many pending recipes in my drafts and even more number of pictures taken and saved on my hard drive…hoping to make its way to the drafts of my blog space and then to the … Continue reading

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Fish n Chips with Mushy Peas and Tartar Sauce

Fish and chips is a popular take away food that originated from the U.K. one of the few genuinely English recipes that’s recognized world-wide.  It’s basically battered white fish fillet (traditionally cod or haddock is used), fried and served along with thick potato fries, mushy peas and … Continue reading

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Kuttanadan Chicken Roast

Loads of water, greenery, and really picturesque is the best I can say about Kuttanad…a region in the Alleppey district of Kerala. Kuttanad is the rice bowl of Kerala, and is resplendent in green paddy fields, coconut groves and water fowl. My … Continue reading

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Chole Masala

I’ve not been blogging or even cooking for the past few days now. Why? Well…. Because I kinda sprained my neck and also got a muscle spasm on my back near the neck. Therefore am on some heavy medications that makes me fall … Continue reading

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Aloo Matar

Aloo Matar is an Indian dish (Punjabi to be specific), that’s made of potatoes (aloo) and peas (matar) sautéed in spices. Every household has its own method of cooking this dish…some add coconut, some prefer it really tangy so add a … Continue reading

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