Be back sooon!!

A warm hello to all my readers.

Let me start of with a big apology b’cos I’ve been missing for over 4 months without any prior notice. All I can say is that there was and is a really good reason for that and will surely let you all know sooon.

I don’t know when I will post my next recipe but I assure you all I’ll be back as soon as I get back into my normal life of experimental cooking, photography and blogging. Meanwhile I hope you keep trying my previous recipes and that they turn out really delicious.

Please keep showering me with the love and appreciation like you have been in the past. Thankyou so much.

Happy cooking!


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2 Responses to Be back sooon!!

  1. Biny Anoop says:

    Hey Renee…will wait for u and ur recipes

  2. Nisha says:

    Renee…jus thought recently that its been a long time since you posted any recipes. Hope you are fine. Will wait for your recipes.

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