Aloo Vada, Coriander Chutney, Sweet Chutney…to make Vada Pav

I know many children and adults alike, who are born and brought up or have lived here in the Gulf most of their life and have no ties to places like Mumbai and Delhi, that have rarely eaten chaat food – pani puri, vada pav, pav bhaaji….and so on.  And I’m completely the opposite. Having lived in Dubai all my life and being originally from Kerala, many of my northie friends are shocked to see how much addicted I’m to chaat food and my knowledge of which place sells what best there.

Honestly I don’t remember who introduced me to chaat items, but for sure not my parents because dad’s not such a fan of these and I introduced my mom to it (and she loves it too!). But I know for sure, what I first had was Paani Puri and from then on there was no turning back. I totally love paani puri. And call it my good luck, I got married to a mumbaikar who like all mumbaikars love their street chaat sellers!


All during my pregnancy, I only wanted paani puri. No it wasn’t a craving because I really had no cravings. But it was just me taking undue advantage of being pregnant and knew darn well…once this pregnancy is over I can’t ask for paani puri everyday! So alright, I let the others call it craving then… ;-). And during that time, when we went to Mumbai for vacation my MIL started to get a little worried seeing me eat paani puri everyday. I mean eating in Dubai is different but I’m sure many might agree there’s not much guarantee on the hygiene factor of the food being sold on Mumbai streets. And therefore, she would let me eat only from sellers she’s known for years.

The following year when I went with my son who by then was a little over a year old, I introduced him to mumbai chaat dishes too. I know he was a little too young, but then I would give him a bite of whatever I was eating. My SIL (husband’s sister) was shocked to see me give my son pav bhaaji and sev puri and stuff. She being a mumbaikar herself wouldn’t dream of letting her then 2 year old son to even take a bite of what she was eating. My argument… give it to the kid. If it suits him, perfect. If it doesn’t suit him, he’ll show it immediately…and then you stop! If you don’t try, how would you ever know?!?! 🙂

Coming back ….Gayathri from Gayathri’s Cook spot had posted a vada pav recipe a month back. The second I saw it I knew I had to try it and hence bookmarked it. It was fabulous! My husband and I just couldn’t sing enough praises. I didn’t make the pav though, because it was on impulse just an hour before dinner time, that I decided to make it and hence didn’t have time to make the pav. But next time, I’ll try the pav too.

This is what I did to make the aloo vada for the vada pav with minimal adaptations. For the original recipe of Gayathri and also for the recipe of making home-made pav….click here.



  • Potato (medium-sized) – 3
  • Cumin Seeds – 1/2 teaspoon
  • Garlic – 5 pods, finely chopped
  • Chilli Powder – 2 teaspoons (divided)
  • Turmeric – 1/4 teaspoon
  • Coriander leaves – 2 tablespoons
  • Besan/Chick Pea Flour – 1 cup
  • Baking Soda – 1/2 teaspoon
  • Oil – For deep-frying
  • Salt – to taste


Pressure cook potatoes, remove skin and mash with a fork.

Meanwhile in a pan, heat a teaspoon of oil and splutter cumin seeds. Add the chopped garlic. When the raw smell’s all gone, add 1 teaspoon of red chilli powder, turmeric and saute.

Add the mashed potatoes, salt and coriander leaves. Mix it all well and switch off flame and let the mixture cool down.

Meanwhile, in another bowl, mix chickpea flour (besan), 1 teaspoon chilli powder, baking soda and salt. Add water and prepare a thick batter. Also, heat enough oil in a frying pan to fry the potatoes.

Once the mashed potato mix has cooled, divide it into 8-10 equal portions/balls (size of a lemon), and slightly flatten it.

Now dip these potato discs in the chickpea batter and put them carefully into the hot oil and fry till the aloo vada turns golden brown on both sides.

Remove from oil and keep aside.



  • Coriander leaves – 1 cup
  • Mint leaves – 1/4 cup
  • Ginger – 1 inch
  • Green chilli – 5 nos.
  • Cumin seeds – 1/2 teaspoon
  • Lemon juice – 1-2 tablespoons
  • Yoghurt – 3 tablespoons
  • Sugar – 1/2 teaspoon
  • Salt – to taste

Process all the ingredients in a food processor untill it’s smooth. Add a little water if needed. Coriander-Mint chutney is ready.



  • Seedless Dates – 25 grams (10-12)
  • Raisins – 25 grams
  • Jaggery – 25 grams
  • Salt – 1/4 teaspoon
  • Cumin seeds – 1/2 teaspoon
  • Red chilli powder – 1/2 teaspoon
  • Garam masala powder – 1/2 teaspoon
  • Tamarind – lemon sized ball (de-seeded)
  • Water – 2 cups


Soak the tamarind in 2 cup warm water for 2-3 minutes. And then squeeze the pulp well. 

Pour this tamarind mixture with water into a saucepan and let it come to a boil. Add the dates, raisins and cumin seeds. Let it cook on a low flame for about 5 minutes till the dates get really mushy. Let it cool.

Once the mixture cools, grind it to a fine paste, adding very little water. Strain through a sieve and pour this tamarind-date paste back into the saucepan.

Now add the jaggery and allow it to melt and blend well with the tamarind date mix. Cook for another 10 minutes till it becomes a thick pouring consistency

Then add chilli powder, salt, garam masala and cook again till the raw smell is all gone.

Turn off heat and let the mixture cool. This can be refrigerated and used as and when required.



  • Aloo Vada
  • Pav (you can buy ready-made or use home-made ones)
  • Coriander Chutney
  • Sweet chutney
  • Butter, for toasting


Slice the pav horizontally and put a teaspoon of butter on the cut side of each half and put the pav on a hot frying pan. Toast till it turns a slight golden.

Take the pav from the pan, smear some green chutney and some sweet chutney on both slices or just on the top portion. If you want your vada pav to be spicy, then add more green chutney and less of the sweet chutney.

Place one aloo vada on the lower portion of the pav and cover it with the top pav portion.

Serve it with onions, lemon slice and green chilli!


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8 Responses to Aloo Vada, Coriander Chutney, Sweet Chutney…to make Vada Pav

  1. biny anoop says:

    I love you….thatss wat i say after reading this post….I am a Mumbaikar and i love Mumbai for all that it has given me for 25 yrs…it has tot me so much that i think i can live anywhere in the world…..and face any arrogance (only from govt officials) with a smile on my face.This post bring back many nostalgic feelings like the first time i went alone in a BEST bus,my college days…the train journey and of course the roadside stalls….I surely miss that all.
    Vada pav is Mumbai ka burger and i love that u have used the chutney…..we sometimes use red chilli and garlic dry powdered chutney..but i love the meeta chutney which makes it more of a chaat item…..
    I think my comment is exceeding its limits……so will stop

    • Renee says:

      LOL Biny!!! Didn’t know you are a typical mumbaikar…I Love the sweet meetha chutney too. Infact I want my pani puri, sev puri and all that a little on the sweeter side.

  2. Delicious aloo vadas and chutney…

  3. Raji says:

    I love vada pavs …always prefer them spicy. I too love chats and frequently try it from various places. Where do you think best chat is available in Dubai? I find that different shops have different specialities…bombay chowpati I find good for frankies and samosa chaat and bikanerwala good for dahi based chaats…but can still vouch on small restaurants in meena bazar for best vada pavs and pani puris.

    • Renee says:

      I feel that too Raji…each place has its own speciality. But I love Sindh Punjab’s (karama) Paani puri the most. And also like Veg. World in Meena Bazaar. I’m not such a fan of bikanerwala…though i like their masala chai.

  4. delicious combination perfect for anytime

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