Mutton Cutlets

So you guys do remember the Seekh kebab disaster, right? Yes? Good. Then please read on. Wait… do I hear a NO? Ok then here it is. Go read and come back.

So now that we all know what happened and we’ve done our share of laughing and making fun of me… get yourself together to now know how I made mutton cutlets with the kheema that was meant for kebabs. So immediately since I had no clue on how to make, I called my mom up and asked for the recipe (mom to the rescue). In a way, I’m glad I messed up, else I would have never dared to make cutlets (yes, this is my 1st time!). And that’s a surprise to me because I totally love cutlets. It’s my comfort food. Having said that, I don’t like the cutlets that you get at stores because they don’t have that crispy exterior.

I love the cutlets my mother, mother-in-law and my aunts make. And everyone in my family knows my love for it. Infact, when I was expecting, the only thing I needed was cutlet! and my aunt who had come from India to stay a few months with us here, would always make them for me. And another aunt, everytime I go to her place, she makes cutlets for me and even sends some frozen ones for me to take home. 🙂 So I guess, the fear that I could bring a shame to them with my sloppy cutlets, could have been the reason why I never bothered to make cutlets before this. 

These cutlets like you can see came out perfect! Crispy on the exterior and nice and juicy on the inside. Not to forget SPICY!! 🙂 I’m telling you..this is THE cutlet you need to try. 🙂



  • Minced lamb – 500 grams (I used freshly minced lamb from the store)
  • Onion – 2, chopped
  • Ginger – 1 tablespoon, chopped
  • Green chilli – 3-4, chopped (I like it a little spicy)
  • Curry leaves – chopped
  • Garam masala – 1 teaspoon
  • Pepper powder – 1 teaspoon
  • Salt
  • Potato – 1 medium (boiled & mashed)
  • Bread Crumbs – 1-2 cups (home-made or store-bought)
  • Egg white – 1 egg (my MIL uses one whole egg, inclu the yolk….so your choice)
  • Oil for frying


Cook the cleaned minced meat so that all the water absorbs from the meat. And then once cooled, mince the meat using a food processor once again (this is optional..I did it because the meat store didn’t mince it real fine the way I like).

Meanwhile, saute onion till it becomes soft. To this, add chopped ginger, green chillies and curry leaves.

Then, add minced meat. Mix well. Add salt, garam masala and pepper. Stir for another 2-3 minutes and take it off the flame. Allow the mixture to cool.

While that’s cooling, you can boil the potato. How? Well, just wash the whole potato without peeling the skin. And boil it in water for about 20 minutes.. Or else, put it into the pressure cooker for about 4-5 whistles. To test if the potato is done, insert a knife right into the center to see if it’s cooked.  Then let it cool, peel off the skin and mash it using your hand or potato masher. Make sure there are no lumps.

Once the meat’s cooled, add mashed potatoes & mix the entire mixture properly. Check for salt.

Make small balls and then press lightly with fingers to get an oval/round shape. Do all.

In a small bowl, beat the egg white. And in another bowl/plate, put in bread crumbs. For the next step you need both hands. Dip the meat cutlet into the egg-white using your left hand, take it out from the egg using the same hand and place it into the bread crumbs. Now with your right hand, roll the cutlet in the crumbs. When you do this way, you make sure that the crumbs don’t get into the egg-white bowl and vice-versa.

Deep or shallow fry in oil. Serve hot with tomato sauce or with onion salad (thinly sliced onions mixed with salt, a drop of vinegar and chopped green chillies).


  1. After you’ve dipped and rolled the meat cutlets in egg whites and breadcrumbs, you can freeze them for a month. When you want to make it, just thaw and deep fry.
  2. You can substitute lamb with beef or chicken too. The procedure is the same. If you’re using, boneless meat cubes, then cook them in a pressure cooker and mince well once cooled. And then the process is the same.
  3. You can even substitute it with vegetables (peas, carrots and beans), but then don’t add ginger.

Try it and let me know 🙂



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4 Responses to Mutton Cutlets

  1. Jaya Rajesh says:

    Wow what a cutlet dear it looks mouthwatering.

  2. Vrinda says:

    Hi..tried it..came out well….really good…

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