I’m Posting every week in 2011…

…or atleast will try to. 🙂

WordPress has come up with this Post A Day / Post A Week 2011 Challenge. And that’s exactly what I needed.  Some motivation, encouragement and one BIG push!

I’ve got about 4 blogs… one baby blog, another blog where I rant about things in life, this food blog being the third and a fourth blog that’s totally private.  I started all with a lot of enthusiasm, but then I just don’t find the time to write, and if/when I do… I totally forget what I wanted to write in the 1st place… and hence it’s been ages since I posted in the other three blogs.

Though, I’m still not guaranteeing on writing on my other blogs, this is one blog that I intend to keep it alive. So, I too have joined the bandwagon of the WordPress challenge. 🙂  This would mean more experimental cooking at home, more photographs on my laptop and of course more mouth-watering food on the table.

If you already are a subscriber to my blog or read it often, I hope you’ll continue to encourage me with comments and likes, and good will along the way. And if you are here for the first time, thankyou. I hope you enjoyed your stay here and will subscribe to the blog and also leave comments on what you liked or did not like. And with all your comments and words of inspiration, maybe I’ll soon make it a PostBiWeekly Challenge for myself. Who knows?! 😉

Happy New year 2011


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