Pineapple Pudding


This is one simple but really delicious, finger-licking-good dessert. Ever since, I concocted this for the first time, I’ve been having numerous requests by friends and family to make it for them . Their excuse to eat this is innumerable – party, birthday, sweet tooth….. It’s the favorite of all those who’ve tasted it. It’s got everything you want to dig into at the end of a tiring day…perfect sweetness, cake, fruit, cream and a little crunch. And the best part of this dessert is how easy it is to make it. With all ingredients on hand, you can whip it up in 10 minutes.

This recipe is not picked up from any other site or been altered to suit my tastes. This is an original and it is copyrighted ;-). Many have hounded me for the recipe, but I kept it as a secret for long. And now  for the very first time, here it is for you to try it too.

Note: The below recipe measurements are for the Pyrex glassware that I use (see image).   So you might need to alter the measurements a little to suit the dishware you are using.


Pineapple Pudding


  • 1 big tin sliced/cubed pineapples
  • 2 packets of Dream Whip (prepare according to the instructions on the back i.e. add milk and vanilla essence).
  • 1 Packet Vicenzi lady finger biscuit (buy the ones that have a little powdered sugar dusted on it rather than the sugar-coated or glazed ones…refer pic).
  • 2-3 tablespoons sugar (or as needed)
  • 10 Cashew nuts roasted in butter
  • 3-4 Marie Biscuits crushed


Take each cashew and split it. Then roast it in butter till it becomes golden (when you split, I feel it becomes more crunchier even on the insides).

Meanwhile, prepare the dream whip according to instructions on the back by beating it in the blender for about a minute till it becomes nice and frothy.  Add sugar to it and blend once again.  Check sweetness of the whipped cream. And add more  sugar, if needed. Mix again till it’s nice and frothy.  Transfer it to a bowl.

In the same blender (after the whipped cream has been transferred), put in the cubed pineapples and let it blend to coarse pieces. Remember, do NOT make it smooth. It’s good to bite into small pieces of pineapple while eating the dessert. So probably 10 seconds is more than what’s needed. Also, if needed, add very little water because there’s already enough water in the preserved pineapples.

And that’s all the cooking you have to do. What’s left is layering it and chilling it in the refrigerator 🙂

So get your dishware out to Layer.

Layer 1 – Layer the bottom with the Vicenzo biscuits. If there are any big gaps just break small pieces of the biscuit and fill it (small gaps are forgiven).

Layer 2 – Pour a little of the crushed pineapple juice, without any pieces on top of the biscuits just to get them soggy. Then take half of the crushed pineapple mix and layer it evenly on top of the biscuits.

Layer 3 – Spread half the whipped cream on top.

Secret test – take a small spoon of all the 3 layers together from the side and test sweetness and flavour of vanilla essence. If it’s less, add a little more sugar to the remaining whipped cream.

Layer 4 – Vicenzo biscuits again

Later 5 – remaining crushed pineapples

Layer 6 – All of the whipped cream.

Garnish with the Chopped almonds and chopped Marie biscuits. Keep in the refrigerator for it to chill for about an hour.

Serve with loads of love…


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