Good Food & Co.

When I had got married, I didn’t know even the basics of cooking. And when I say basics, I mean the basics. Didn’t even know how to make coffee or even tea using tea leaves. Being brought up in Dubai and having lived all my life here, there was always tea bag :-). And when guests came, there was always store-bought sodas and juices. Having a house help all during my childhood to help my mother in the cooking, made me even more lazy.  And since I’ve been always doing more things than I can handle, I’ve never been home to learn.

So after marriage, I was clueless. I didn’t know how to choose a fresh vegetable, differentiate a veal from a lamb, cut and clean fish, ….. I didn’t even know how to operate a pressure cooker. And oh yea, the most difficult was to determine salt. I could never tell if salt was perfect for a dish and so would always ask my husband to taste it for me.

And like every daughter I first turned to my mother, a fabulous cook for recipes. Along with that I started to read cookery books, food blogs and newspaper articles.  I asked friends for tried and tested recipes too. All this led me to having this huge collection of food recipes. Little of which I’ve tried, some of which I plan to experiment soon and most of which is just there because it looks good. And although I love my entire collection, there was no ONE STOP place that I could go and pick a tried and successful recipe within seconds.  And that’s when I decided, I need to have a blog too. A food blog, to be specific. It will keep a track of all the super-hit delicious food recipes that I experimented from various sources, as well as post recipes of our staple dishes. 

So here’s making way for  Tried, Tested and Triumphant recipes! 🙂  Let me warn you, I’m NOT going to be talking about how I stumbled upon the recipe, or what made me try this, or how delicious it was or even take pictures of every process and all that.It’s just going to be a straight of thing. “Ingredients/Method”.  Direct. To the Point. And if you are lucky (that’s if I remember), we’ll have a picture of the end result! And as a courtesy to the person whose recipe it is, I will post a link to his/her blog ( I’m nice that way!). And also you can get to see more pictures of the process from there.

So here’s to lots of  Good Food!


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